About us

Welcome to my corner of the internet! I'm thrilled that you're here. My name is Izzie, and I'm the heart and soul behind this brand. This is not just a business for me—it's a journey of faith, a story of transformation, and a way to bring light to those who often feel like they're on the outskirts.

From Loneliness to Connection

Like many of you, I’ve faced my fair share of struggles. I know what it feels like to sit in a crowded church, yet feel completely isolated. As a new believer, I often felt out of place. My clothes didn't fit the "churchy" stereotype, and I wasn't sure if my quirky, sensitive nature was really what the faith community was looking for. The nagging questions—"Am I enough?" "Am I doing this right?"—constantly echoed in my mind.

I found myself seeking products and messages that resonated with my style and spirit but came up empty-handed. The typical Christian merchandise didn't seem to fit someone like me—someone who embraces faith with joy but also with subtlety. It felt like the market didn't cater to those of us who expressed our beliefs a little differently.

That's when I felt called to create something new, something that would help others like me feel seen and heard. I wanted to create a space where introverts, empaths, highly sensitive people, and quirky Christians could find products that reflect their hopes, dreams, and desire to belong. Saltet is a community that believes in faith over fear. We create beautiful, fun Christian products that remind you of God’s love for you. It’s a resting place for your soul.

A Mission to Empower and Connect

This brand was born out of the desire to bridge that gap—to give you something that makes you feel at home, even when you’re surrounded by uncertainty. My designs are rooted in the belief that faith can be both bold and gentle, that it's possible to wear your beliefs with pride without being flashy. It's about finding that perfect balance where you feel empowered, connected, and whole.

Through my products, I aim to spread joy and remind you that you belong. You are a part of a family, and there's no need to worry about fitting in. It's for those who find themselves wondering if they’re good enough Christians, who are often too hard on themselves, and who crave stability and calm.

What You'll Find Here

My products are designed with you in mind. From soft fabrics that feel like a warm hug to subtle designs that speak volumes, I want you to find joy in wearing your faith. I hope these pieces remind you that you are rooted in something greater and that it's okay to lean into God and trust the journey.

Saltet is a community that believes in faith over fear. We create beautiful, fun Christian products that remind you of Jesus love for you. It’s a resting place for your soul. Our products aim to bring hope, comfort, and delight, transforming your day-to-day life from blah to joy. These daily reminders are designed to strengthen your belief in faith over fear, igniting you with hopefulness in life.

Welcome to the Saltet Community

Thank you for being here. Whether you're seeking a gift for yourself or a loved one, I hope you find something that resonates with your heart.

We believe in transformation—taking you from boredom to hopefulness, from loneliness to community. We want you to feel amazing, to find peace, and to embrace the truth that with God, nothing is impossible. I pray that others will notice the change in you—that they'll see the light and love that you carry. Welcome to the community—where hope is the driving factor and faith over fear leads the way.

Faith-based Products